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About Us

Gym Rat Line by Belu Barriga is made for the workout enthusiast in you who feels out of shape if you miss a workout or for the person nervous to start their first day at the gym and needs that extra motivation. A unique and fun way to tell the world that you mean business at the gym but you can also have fun while working out. Whether you want to go to the gym and be motivated, or do a ten-hour on-demand binge, Gym Rat Line’s got you covered!

The hoodie sport bra can be worn even if you are not working out, it is a sporty and fit look that I personally love

Kristine L.

Those wordy leggings are fun to wear and I really like the extra support on the waist

Lorena B.

The sport bra with the hoodie is adorable! I love the fact that it has a motivational word on it to remind me to keep going while I’m working out

Stefany G.